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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My weekend Project.

I finally gathered enough supplies to make my craft space much more functional!  This was such a fun project and my children helped me put it together, which is why all my fabric isn’t perfectly lined up and all my labels aren’t completely centered but hey, we had a good time working together.  I still have a few more things to hang on the wall and I need some more fabric for the curtains, I just hung this up for the cold drafts.  PS. I do stand do sew! I have a Brother Cover Stitch, Serger 1034D, Innov-40is, and my old girl a Pacesetter ULT 2001. I think that was most of the questions I have been asked!

These were some of my existing ones. The middle section was my old counter and I had thrown a hollow door on top. It made it just a bit too tall and not quite stable enough for all of the machines.

This is getting all of them put together! It was a late night but I got them all done. I had planned out how I wanted them on paper and stacked them in order. That is how I put them together.  I did start with just he square frames and put them in place before I put together drawers.  Excuse the random blocks, those were from my “helpers”

This is the front facing view. All drawers are put together and labeled. The top is 5/8 pressed board. I went to get plywood but this was soooo much cheaper and it’s what the drawers were made of anyway, so I decided I would go with that. (I am thrifty)....ok cheap, I am cheap, so when I found this board I was literally doing a happy dance in the isle of Lowe’s.  You could totally put a nice plywood or even counter top on here but again, I’m cheap!

The right side has my hoops attached and then the storage is for jewelry making supplies. My daughter hasn’t labeled those yet!

Supply List      Project Total $327.33

I am not including tax since all states are different.  For my space I needed 21 cubes and 5/8 inch pressed board sheet. I had it cut to 30” x 80”
The cubes are 14.25 x 14.5 x 14.25

Pressed Wood Sheet 4x5/8x8. $20.00
The cubes were all on sale for 50% off. I think they are on sale until January 24th.  I also had a 20% on top of sale price coupon! SCORE!!!
(Prices listed are the sale price)
6-4 drawer organizers @ $19.99 
2-3 drawer organizers @ $22.49
1-Multi function cube @ 19.99
2-divided cubes @ $19.99 (I think, they are older)
2-Desk top organizers @ $19.99(the one on the left that holds the copics and the middle front top that looks like it is 9 drawers, it’s really 3 but has 9 spaces)
1-Glass door cube @$22.49 (again, older so guessing here)
2 ribbon holder cubes, these were a close out for $9.99 each. 

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