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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Welcome Shalom

I am so excited to introduce the newest member of my bebelambs family!!! Meet Shalom.

I name most of my machines both household and craft wise! Shalom is a beautiful Brother PR-660  6 needle embroidery machine. (Isn't she magnificent) Usually, I can look at the machine one time and I know the name. With Shalom it was different.  I actually thought I would name her Isabella because to me, she is beautiful. But, as I started working with her, she just wasn't an Isabella, I pictured Isabella as somewhat dainty. My mom kept suggesting Shalom but I wanted something with an a or e at the end. The more I worked with her the more I realized she was very sturdy and maybe she need a German name, like Liesel.  But, nothing was sticking. The more I thought about it the more My mom's suggestion kept coming back to me. Shalom.
Most people think of the word Shalom and just think of peace but it's more. Shalom: Hebrew word meaning peacecompletenessprosperity, and welfare.
Hebrew words convey feeling, emotion and intent. Shalom means not just peace but complete peace, contentment, harmony, wholeness and well being. 
I am hoping for lots of peace and harmony and also prosperity with Shalom!  She will make my projects quicker and more peaceful as when I have to turn my attention to a little she won't eat my one piece body suits. Yeah, not allowed to use the term "ones.." anymore, Thank you Gerber! 
My first 4 projects stitched out beautifully…..until I flipped them to do the backside. Then, 4 a row, I stitched the back to the front. I told my dad the machine was flawless, the user was an idiot!  It just takes me a few times to catch on but I finally got it. 
So, welcome Shalom….oh the places we shall go! Well, we won't actually be going but our bebelambs creations will be!!! 

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